Prayers for the friends and families who lost loved ones in the Surfside, FLA condo collapse

Prayers for the friends and families who lost loved ones in the Surfside, FLA condo collapse

12-year-old girl’s reading of the Psalms reaches the U.S. President – and the world. AP

After the 12-story Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida safely imploded into the ground, family members were finally allowed to get close to the rubble where their loved ones were buried.

When they arrived, the Associated Press (AP) reports, “they yelled out their names,” hoping against hope that their beloveds would cry out from the ground.

They waited in pain before the final call was made for the building to come down. The structure so unsafe, even rescuers couldn’t get near certain parts.

The world’s finest and fiercest rescue workers from the U.S. and Israel tried relentlessly to save people.

The body of a seven-year-old girl was found by her father’s fellow firefighters. Dad was on the other side of the building. They broke it to him. He walked over to her, placed his firefighter jacket upon her tiny body, and carried her away.

Unfathomable pain.

This tragedy reminds many of the explosion in Beirut that completely destroyed their downtown. I can still hear Lebanese Canadian Grace Saba’s pained voice for her family back home, “Even the stones are crying!”

Grace’s words still haunting.

The AP also reports that when 12- year-old Elisheva Cohen, who lost her father and uncle in the condo collapse, finally got to get near the building, went to sit by herself, away from her family, opened her phone, and began reading the Psalms.

Word travelled to President Joe Biden, whose own life story reads like the Book of Job.  Elisheva and the president met and hugged each other.

Our hearts, prayers, and thoughts go out to the lost, the family, and friends who now must endure inexplicable loss. May God guide them through their pain, in Jesus’ name we pray.

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