A discussion on “Church hurt”

A discussion on “Church hurt”

It was African American Minster, author, speaker, and educator – Emmett G. Price who coined the phrase, “church hurt” to describe the pain sometimes inflicted on people by religious leaders and institutions.

This week we open the church doors to examine the hurt that is sometimes found inside mainstream and orthodox places meant for solace. The church has survived thousands of years- through pandemic and scandals, but something is changing.

Today on the program, we hear from faith leaders who welcome criticism within their walls.

Maggie John speaks with international Hip Hop artist Lecrae about coming to terms with his own church hurt in his book, “I Am Restored.”

Also on the program, Dr. Lina Abujamra, Kevin Makins, Pishoy Salama, and Bruxy Cavey.



Lecrae, hip-hop artist

Kevin Makins, pastor, author

Father Pishoy Salama, archdiocese of North America

Dr. Lina Abujamra, author and founder of Living with Power Ministries

Bruxy Cavey, Sr.pastor of The Meeting House






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