About – Context Beyond the Headlines

Context highlights the thread of faith intertwined in the news that impacts our world, engaging inquisitive minds in conversation that explores the intersection of justice, culture, society, and ethics with Jesus.
Maggie John interviews newsmakers, peacemakers, and culture shapers on a variety of topics like Medical Assistance in Dying; racial reconciliation; affordability and inflation; mental health, and so much more.

Why Context?

Every day we are inundated with information that people in newsrooms all over the world think we need to hear. The angles are diverse and skewed to fit political agendas and slants, leaving us sometimes more confused about the world around us.

Here at Context, our primary and only focus is to highlight the ‘God factor’ in the news that matters to you. Nowhere else will you find a team of Journalists who have committed themselves to share stories that have an eternal significance. 

Donor supported

Context Beyond the Headlines is a production of Crossroads, a registered Canadian charity. The half-hour weekly program is funded by contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations that support the crucial perspective on the most significant issues of our day – presenting a unique and valuable voice in Canadian media that is unmatched.


Now in its seventh year, a remarkable success story for no other reason than it is filling a need that hadn’t been filled for years in Canadian media. One of the concerns I had when I was in the media and news business – the decreasing amount of content in the news, it’s why people are increasingly going to the Internet because they are not getting it in television. One big exception, of course, being Context. That’s one of the great things you’ve provided over the years, Lorna, and I think that’s why so many people are willing to be with you and support you in this whole endeavour. I have seen it from the political side and the faith side, and I can tell you Canada needs Context with Lorna Dueck more than ever before. - by Hon. David Onley, former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
It is not everyone who can cross the line from the religious media to mainstream press and keep their religious values intact. Lorna Dueck does this and, in so doing, brings her ideas and values to a wide, and largely secular audience. She spreads the word and makes us all think. -by Patrick Martin, The Globe and Mail
We love working with Context TV. They do the same thing we do: they listen to the story, tell the story, and change the story. -by Canon Andrew White, Vicar of Baghdad; Foundation for Middle East Relief and Reconciliation (FMERR)
Lorna can truly stand toe-to-toe with any of Canada’s media elites, and in fact, she is being increasingly welcomed in that tight knit community. Her audience is growing. -Preston Manning, CEO and President, Manning Centre for Building Democracy
It is a privilege and pleasure to be associated with Lorna and her stellar team of witnesses – outstanding professional women and men who are not afraid to announce the Good News and live it.– Father Tom Rosica, CEO of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation and Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications