Are we ready for the next pandemic?

Are we ready for the next pandemic?

Superbugs and pandemics have been a disturbing part of humanity from time immemorial. From the Antoine Plague in 165, the Bubonic Plague in 1347 and the Spanish Flu in 1918. 

And now, the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dr. Nelson Lee, interim director at the Institute for Pandemics, says superbugs are here to stay and will happen more frequently.

Are we ready?

Canada’s healthcare is at a breaking point, children are falling behind with school closures, and one in three Canadians is struggling with their mental health. 

What lessons have we learned from COVID in how we approach church programs, education, and work?

Will this generation recover from the long-lasting impacts of this pandemic?

And will we have time to make the necessary changes before the next pandemic hits?

This week on Context: A future with superbugs. 

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