Story: Canada’s failure at the highest levels to protect women, girls, and children

Story: Canada’s failure at the highest levels to protect women, girls, and children

It is a tragedy that it took New York Times writer, Nicholas Kristof to get the attention of the Canadian government to do something about the immoral, illegal, and vile images and videos posted on Montreal based Mind Geek’s Porn Hub.

Leading the charge in Canada is Defend Dignity’s – Glendyne Gerrard and MP Arnold Vriesen who tirelessly work to protect this digital content from so easily being posted – let alone viewed. This week Charlie Angus and others joined in an ethics committee investigation to hold the owners of Mind Geek to account.

As we worked on this show – I couldn’t help but wonder – how could – a privately run, unregulated multi-billion dollar industry known as Big Tech – Twitter, Facebook, and the like can shut down a sitting president hours before his departure (right or wrong it’s the principle not the argument) – and any other sites they deem necessary – but they can’t shut down child molestation, sexual assault on minors, women, girls, and children – racist and misogynist content – killings, beheadings?

This moment in time might call for this dynamic, but over the long term it will be destructive to the noble purpose and ideals of the open internet. A company making a business decision to moderate itself is different from a government removing access, yet can feel much the same.“~Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey

Indonesia and the Great Firewall of China can control every aspect of the Internet in their countries – but we can’t take down what Tim Mackie of the Bible Project rightly calls, “the hellfire of this earth.”

Also tragic is that it took an American writer to wake up us Canadians – and our government – how could something like this go so far under the radar that it wasn’t even noticed?

This atrocity isn’t the only thing our neighbours south of the border have woken us up to …

After researching and interviewing for this show, I realize like all addiction it is a force in this world. Men of all walks of life and socio economic, religious origins struggle with it. Women do, too. We’ve got to think of the children – and the access being way too readily available for them.

Brave men like Terry Crews, Chris Rock, Orlando Bloom, Sathiya Sam, Garrett Jonsson, even the visibly and audibly beat up, dragged down, almost knocked out “Greg,” who, Fight the New Drug says, “As far as porn “stars” go, few have had longer and more successful careers than Greg. Now, he’s the one who is taking a stand and speaking out.”

Sathiya Sam travels around the country – virtually –  sharing his brave struggle and victory over porn – it did not happen overnight, but his brutal truth, honesty, and vulnerability helps Christian men and women regain control of their lives. Sathiya has programs you can view at his website above.

We can all agree that the sexual abuse of children is wrong. It’s a plague. It’s a hellfire plagues on our world. We give it a more comfortable name called, ‘sex trafficking’ to not think about the reality. We hate it. We want it gone from our world. God also hates sex trafficking. Jesus hates sex trafficking. But he actually takes it more seriously than we do. We want to get rid of sex trafficking, but Jesus wants to rid of lust from his world. The root desire to use another human being for personal gratification.” Tim Mackie, Theologian – The Bible Project.

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