Canada’s hate problem

Canada’s hate problem

The tragic and senseless murder of a 14-year-old boy has left the system and people who failed him reeling. In our deeply divided world, bullying, racism, and hatred trickles down from the generations, and spills on to our streets and into our schools. This week on Context – we take a look at how the roots of hatred are growing across Canada – and we’ll get some answers on making a better tomorrow.



Det. Paul Corrigan, Hamilton Police Hate Crimes Unit

Irfan Chaudhry, MacEwan University Hate Crime Researcher

Kojo Damptey, Interim Executive Director, Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion

Kyle Scott, Stop Bullying Campaign

Keven Ellis, 999th Legion for Child Rights

Lynsdey Menken, MoveIn resident

Nigel Paul, MoveIn Founder


Anti-Hate Network

Canadian Race Relations – Hate Crime in Canada

Statistics Canada – Police-reported Hate Crime

Bullying Canada

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