Full show: Caring for God’s creation

Full show: Caring for God’s creation

Although there’s been a pause amid COVID-19, caring for God’s earth is essential.

A snowstorm in Texas,  floods in Fort Mac, forest fires in L.A. and Australia, increased hurricanes around the world: it’s clear climate change is changing mother earth. 

Internationally renowned Christian scientist Katharine Hayhoe joins context to explain what is happening to the planet. 

Plus: Context correspondent Cheridan Sanders talks with us from Rome, where the lockdowns and fewer tourists have given the canals of Venice back their beauty.

Marney Bloom talks about Israel’s technologies in helping global climate change.

Back in Canada where many environmentalists – even famous Hollywood actors like Jane Fonda are up in arms about Alberta oil. Indigenous leader Karen Ogen-Taves talks about some of Canada’s first nations being pro-pipelines.

And a sit down with A Rocha CEO, Luke Wilson on what you can do.  



Katharine Hayhoe, Climate scientist

Karen Ogen-Toews, CEO The First Nations LNG Alliance

Cheridan Sanders, Context Rome correspondant

Marney Bloom, Freelance journalist

Julie Stahl, CBN News Middle East corresponden

Luke Wilson, CEO of A Rocha

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