Checking In: A Mental Health Journey

Checking In: A Mental Health Journey

Mental health affects 1 in 5 Canadians. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened the mental health crisis – especially with kids. Children’s hospitals in Canada have seen a 100% increase in mental health-related admissions. 

But the proper resources to address the disorders that affect mood, thinking, and behaviour are lacking. 

As the stigma surrounding mental health starts to fade, what role does the church have in supporting people suffering from mental illness?

Michelle Williams was living a dream come true, part of the Grammy award-winning hit R&B group Destiny’s Child. 

But while she sang in front of millions each night, something didn’t feel right. Years later, she was diagnosed with depression – something she had been suffering from since she was a teenager. 

The singer opens up about her depression in her book, “Checking In,” with the hopes that others will do just that – check-in with themselves, their friends, and God.

Daniel Whitehead is the CEO of Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries. He tells Maggie how churches can address mental health and wellbeing. 

 PLUS, The Cue Panel weighs in. Julia Beazley, Policy Director at Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and Colin Toffelmire, School of Ministry Chair at Ambrose University, give their take.

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