Climate Change & Poverty

Climate Change & Poverty

We’ve heard the warnings.

Even here at home, we’ve seen extreme weather as wildfires break out in Western Canada, floods destroy property on the East and West Coast, and drought threatens farmers in the Prairies.

But are the impacts of climate change affecting everyone equally?

The wealthiest 10% of people account for more than half the carbon emissions in the world.

But it’s the poorest whose lives are ruined after inadequate housing is washed away in floods and farmlands are destroyed by droughts, which leaves many displaced from their homes.

The unforeseen impacts of these disasters create food insecurity, leading to violence and even an increase in child marriages.

Will the world open their hearts to those bearing the brunt of climate change?

And will the church be at the forefront of climate justice?

This week on Context, Ian Thomson from Oxfam Canada and Medha Sharma, President at Visible Impact, on the unexpected ways climate change disproportionately affects the Global South.

Environmental risk assessment expert Jason Thistlethwaite on the importance of viewing the risks of climate disasters through a socioeconomic lens here in Canada.

Jessica Moerman from Evangelical Environmental Network on getting Christians involved in earth care.

And the Cue Panel weighs in on the church’s role in confronting climate change.

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