Beirut in crisis: People of Lebanon need our help and prayers

Beirut in crisis: People of Lebanon need our help and prayers

“With Jesus Christ, if we preserve the main message of love, this could be our Saviour from all these miseries.” Michael Constantin, director, CNEWA Lebanon. 

To date, CNEWA Canada has raised over $1 Million in in donations for Lebanon and is now relaunching its appeal, one year later for donations and prayers for the people of Lebanon.

Lebanon is yet again at a breaking point.  One year after the port explosion in Beirut, killed more than 200 people, the city and country are in crisis.

The World Bank says Lebanon is facing the world’s worst economic crisis since the mid-nineteenth century. The Lebanese pound has lost 90% of its value in two years.

The port explosion and high inflation have caused widespread food, fuel, and medicine shortages – leaving people anxious with how to survive. The country’s political instability leaves the population with little hope.

We are hanging by a thread,” says Michel Constantin, director for CNEWA’s Lebanon office and a resident of Beirut. “We’re at our weakest in recent memory – but it’s in our hour of greatest need that we see the help of people around the world who are united with us through prayer and sharing of resources. I cannot thank Canadians enough for their unwavering support.”

Constantin spoke with Context’s Maggie John just days after the port explosion:

CNEWA has been in Lebanon since 1949, working in partnership with 14 church and church-related institutions with the priority to ensure that Christians continue their mission of witness, service and prayer. Part of that mission is helping all persons in the country through humanitarian outreach. Over the past year, CNEWA’s partners have contributed to food box programs to families, medical services, reconstruction and helping elderly, children and persons with disabilities.

To donate to CNEWA’s Lebanon mission, go to, and select ‘Lebanon’ as the recipient region for the gift, or call 1-866-322-4441.


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