Communities coping after tragedy and disasters (Episode 1827)

Communities coping after tragedy and disasters (Episode 1827)

Recent flooding in New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec tested who we are as neighbours. As governments called states of emergencies, hundreds of people were forced to evacuate their homes and experience the devastating loss and damage to their property.

PLUS tragedy strikes when least expected. How neighbourhoods in Toronto came together following last year’s devastating van attack in April, and the Danforth shooting just months later in July.

This week on Context: How do communities cope in the aftermath of tragedy and disaster?


World Vision

Salvation Army


Joseph Kamara, World Vision Regional Director, Humanitarian & Emergency Affairs

Tim Stiles, River Surf Ottawa-Gatineau

Linda Leigh, Salvation Army Public Relations Officer

Roxzanne Hayden, Salvation Army Emotional and Spiritual Care Officer

David Phillips, Environment Canada Senior Climatologist

Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist

Daniel Winter, Calvary Church Pastor

Lily Cheng, Spring Garden Church Pastor

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