Context Christmas special 2020

Context Christmas special 2020

How we all eventually come to terms with the year 2020 will only be known in retrospect.

This week on Context: “getting real” at Christmas time in the age of COVID-19, with Dr. Maggie Mulqueen who says, “We shouldn’t feel obligated to push joy… when this year has been a struggle for everyone.”

But we can never lose hope, even during a global pandemic because God is seeing us through.

Senior Producer Faten Alfaraj visits the Baby Depot where mothers and babies are comforted by much needed donations. Anchor Maggie John goes to the Daily Bread Food Bank where corporations and communities give the gift of food; and Producer Christine Yoo hits the streets to find out what is on the hearts of minds of people this Christmastime.

And – a miracle story in time for Christmas – Mark Masri of 100 Huntley Street’s dear friend, Kimberley Black Tardik was violently assaulted earlier this summer. Her story is a miracle of monumental proportions. Prayers for Kimberley have been going strong since the attack happened. Kimberley shares her story.


Kimberley Black Tardik

Dr. Maggie Mulqueen, PhD., psychologist

Neil Hetherington, CEO, Daily Bread Food Bank

Stephanie Greenaway, Baby Depot program coordinator



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