Context goes global

Context goes global

If we ever need proof that what happens on the other side of the world matter we need only look at the global pandemic that is gripping all of us. Revealing to us that we are all going through the same storm, we are just in different boats. COVID-19 is also teaching us that we are truly connected – a global village. Take a trip with us around the world as Context goes global to see what others are doing amid wars, famine, even genocide, while also struggling through the grim realities of a coronavirus that does not discriminate.

Today on Context, join us for a way to reach out and help our sisters and brothers on the other side of the world. Guests include freelance journalist Aline Banayan, Gary Stagg on what the media is not covering, and Allison Alley shares why the biggest victims of the coronavirus are children.


Aline Banayan, freelance journalist

Nabil Costa, CEO, Lebanese society for educational/ social development

Gary Stagg, executive director, Open Doors Canada

Carl Hetu, national director CNEWA Canada

Allison Alley, executive director of Compassion Canada

Cheryl Weber, host of 100 Huntley Street and Crossroads Cares representative



Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development

Open Doors Canada

CNEWA Canada

Compassion Canada

Crossroads Cares

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