Context: Racism (Ep. 1505)

Context: Racism (Ep. 1505)

Racism in Canada—Context investigates key events of national interest here and abroad. We ask the question, is racial healing possible?


The problem of racism is a serious one. You know it exists, you can’t see it, but you can feel its affect. You feel its affect at the Winnipeg National Summit on Racism, which called our country to attention on a systemic problem. We see it across border lines to our neighbours to the south, in such horrific acts as the mass murder shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.  What is important to remember is that race should not exist to separate us, but instead unite us.  Its an idea modelled in Acts 2 and in Revelations of the Bible—differing languages and races all united through the gift of Jesus. Every tongue and tribe keeping it’s distinct differences, but all in harmony through the great equalizer given, Jesus.  One people, under God. When we truly live by this principle, racial healing and reconciliation can take place.


Pastor Calvin Quarles
Senior Pastor, Bolingbrook Church

James Wilson
Treaty Commissioner

Anita Bromberg
Executive Director, C.R.R.F.

Gwyn Chapman
President, Black Canadian Caucus

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