Context: Remembrance Day (Ep. 1506)

Context: Remembrance Day (Ep. 1506)

We honour the brave men and women who sacrificed their life for our freedom and remember those who serve in Canada’s military.


One unique memory we pulled for Remembrance Day was that of a soldier’s belief in God’s salvation, discovered in the field of war. We learned today from our historian that the day of the warrior priest has passed, and the peacemaker priest is now in demand. Peace with God, and peace with each other. But there is something all of us not in uniform should also remember; there is a new effect of war among us. We now have Canadians alongside us who have come here for safety from warring countries. They have personal experiences or living family memories of the horrors of war. These are new encounters with war that require all of us to be a chaplain of sorts, a carrier of God’s love and sacrifice for the wounds caused by war. Is there a family new to Canada in your neighbourhood, school, or workplace? A simple conversation beginning with, “Tell me about the journey that has brought you to Canada” may open the door to your opportunity. Remembering that too is part of this Remembrance Day.


Duff Crerar
Author, Chaplain, Historian

Michael Blais
Veteran, President/Founder of Canadian Veterans Advocacy

Doug Brown
Retired Sgt. Canadian Armed Forces 

John Pellowe
Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Council of Christian Charities 

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