Coping through COVID-19

Coping through COVID-19

Navigating through life these days is difficult. This week on Context- we take a look at how the global coronavirus pandemic is changing us, our children, our work; and we hear tips on how we can handle it all. New York Times best selling author Bruce Feiler, creator of the Council of Dads and Walking the Bible on NPR is on the show to discuss how life’s inevitable transitions can be overcome. Dr. Roxanne Francis is here to talk about divorce during COVID-19 and how to protect the children. This week’s CUE segment looks at ways our faith guides us when it comes to life’s inevitably difficult times.



Bruce Feiler, author, speaker, tv host

Ryan Casey Waller, psychotherapist, lawyer

Dr. Roxanne Francis, social worker, psychotherapist

Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore, author, psychologist, speaker

Pastor Natalie Frisk – Brantford Meeting House

Pastor Robbie Symons – Hope Bible Church


Walking the Bible

Council of Dads


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