COVID-19: Inside the vaccine/mask debate

COVID-19: Inside the vaccine/mask debate

To vaccinate or not to – that is the question that is on many people’s minds. To mask up or not to – that is another question.

Today on Context, we hear from both sides, pro-and-con about the COVID-19 vaccine and mask debates; and we hear from the scientists and doctors who put this divisive issue to rest with medical facts.

Plus on the Cue: Pastor Connie Den Bok and celebrant Sara Hawkins Brown talk loss in the time of COVID-19 and how we can cope.


Dr.Allison Mcgeer, infectious disease, Sinai Health System

Ted Kuntz, president, Vaccine Choice Canada

Sajjad Fazel, PharmD, MPH, Public Health Researcher, U. of Calgary

Dr.Kerry Bowman, bioethicist,  Joint Centre for Bioethics at University of Toronto

Sara Hawkins Brown, celebrant, Cardinal Funeral Homes

Connie Denbok, Pastor, Alderwood United Church

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