Cyclone Idai aftermath in Mozambique affecting children’s future

Cyclone Idai aftermath in Mozambique affecting children’s future

June 13 – with our partners at Global News Alliance

Cyclone Idai has displaced thousands of people in southern Africa since hitting the shores of Mozambique on March 14th.

Approximately 65 thousand people are living in displacements camps around Beira after losing their homes and all their belongings.

Children are the most effected in the crisis. Celina, 14, is now sleeping in a school with hundreds of other displaced people. Her family managed to escape after the storm hit her home so hard, the roof was ripped off.

Adelino’s home was also torn apart by the storm.

NGOs including World Vision are on the ground in Beira working hard to reach all those in need, like Celina and Adelino.

Life in the displacement camps is hard – with tight quarters, and a constant fight for food. Disease like cholera and typhoid are likely to spread in these conditions.

World Vision is among 14 organizations that have launched a joint appeal under the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), which brings together leading charities at time of crises.

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