Context: Refugee Reality Check (Ep. 1521)

Context: Refugee Reality Check (Ep. 1521)

Children in hotels, refugees in Canada asking to return to Jordan—has the Trudeau government bitten off more than it can chew? Is it time for a refugee reality check?


The staggering reality that 60 million people are looking for permanent homes in the refugee and migrant dilemma of 2016 is overwhelming. Into the need, here is something that can anchor us; responding to the global crisis is God’s idea.

The Bible says before the throne of God will stand “a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language standing before the throne and ….shouting, salvation belongs to our God.” Rev. 7:9

It’s a reminder that God is the originator of equal opportunity access to salvation, and that the great diversity of our lives and our locations is God’s idea. Every nation, tribe, people, language are from the creation of God. It is in that where we have commonality. And it is in our story of origin in God we find our ethic to care. We’re just getting started on the refugee crisis – let’s keep caring. We have left links up to the agency we are working with to sponsor – and more connections to the stories you heard today. It takes more than compassion, it takes stubbornness, flexibility, perseverance, and much imagination to care — dig in on the refugee need.


Gerry Mills
Director of Operations at Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services, Nova Scotia

Moy Wong-Tam
Executive Director, Centre for Immigrant & Community Services

Ming Man
Vietnamese Refugee and Canadian Citizen

Apkar Mirakian
Armenian Community Centre, Woodbridge, Ontario

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