Context: Mother’s Day (Ep. 1532)

Context: Mother’s Day (Ep. 1532)

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day at Context, we’re taking an in-depth look at the Supermom!


As we reflect on Mother’s Day—my closing advice on the most important job in the world. The best thing a mother can do for her child, no matter it’s age—infant to adult—the best gift is a mother in a vibrant relationship with God.  Mothering that finds relationship with God is the super mom. A God inspired heart for mothering is filled with self sacrifice, with humour, with hope, love, forgiveness and imagination. As you reflect on Mother’s Day—give yourself the gift of God. This Mother’s Day—rest and enjoy the gifts a loving God has given to you. Let’s enjoy being Mothers.


Author, Letting Go of Supermom: Dr. Mommy’s “Get Real” Approach to a Balanced Life
Mom of 4, Emergency Physician
Professor, Native Studies/Gender Studies, University of Manitoba
Shelley Boyes
Founder, Choose Life Ministries
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