Context: The Power of Story (Ep. 1533)

Context: The Power of Story (Ep. 1533)

There is no artistic force more powerful in this world, than story.  Today on Context, we talk to three of Canada’s most important authors about the power of story.


Story is, without a doubt, our most powerful tool for communication. Nothing connects us to each other more than a good story whether its funny, tragic, or inspiring.

Sometimes, lost in the noise of our personal story, we forget that we are part of a grand narrative—a story started and one day to be finished, by God.

Whatever your beliefs about God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus – God’s truth is that you are on the stage right now and if you listen closely, you may hear God calling you to action.


Lawrence Hill
Author, The Illegal

Yann Martel
Author, The High Mountains of Portugal

Tim Day
Author, God Enters Stage Left

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