Faith in Healthcare: Doctors’ conscience rights and God’s role in healing

Faith in Healthcare

Faith in Healthcare: Doctors’ conscience rights and God’s role in healing

Ontario doctors were at the Ontario Court of Appeal this week saying their freedom of conscience is under attack, and their charter rights are being violated when it comes to medical assistance in dying.

At issue: the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) require doctors to give an ‘effective referral’ for medical assistance in dying. Some doctors say this would make them complicit in assisting their patient in hastening death.

Context was at the Court of Appeals and spoke with Larry Worthen, executive director for the Christian Medical and Dental Society, one of the professional groups involved in this case and the lawyer representing the doctors, Albertos Polizogopoulos, to explain what’s at stake.

And while other provinces may have figured out policies to protect doctors’ conscience rights, faith-based institutions are facing pressure to perform death on demand. Covenant Health in Alberta received backlash after a patient was not only refused medical assistance in dying but also forced to do her assessment off-property. We speak with their chief mission and ethics officer, Dr. Gordon Self.

Plus, focusing on your health. Sheldon Neil sits down with Lorna to discuss her new book with Dr. Nell DeBoer For Your Health: A Look Into God’s Methods for Healing.

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