Fake news and regulating the internet (Episode 1829)

Fake news and regulating the internet (Episode 1829)

Fake news and online hatred has the government reeling and social media giants scrambling.

The world’s savviest techies gather at the largest conference in North America in Toronto and in Europe, governments gathered to combat online hate at the Christchurch Call to Action summit where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a “Digital Charter” to hold social media accounts to account.

The recent New Zealand mosque killings, the Sri Lankan church massacres, and the spreading of misinformation during the U.S. and Ukraine election raise serious questions on who is regulating social media and the internet.

What can be done about fake news and the dissemination of misinformation in our constantly changing digital world?

This week on Context: combating “fake news” and who should regulate the internet.


Avaaz.org report: Far Right Networks of Deception

Canada’s Digital Charter


Alaphia Zoyab, Campaign Director, Avaaz.org

Andre Schutten, Director of Law and Policy, ARPA Canada

Karina Gould, Minister of Democratic Institutions

Ann Cavoukian, Privacy Expert

Cara Zwibel, CCLA Fundamental Freedoms Program Director

Jason Yuen, Co-Founder, Nulogy

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