Fan culture communities (Episode 1830)

Fan culture communities (Episode 1830)


But when many of us began stepping out of our physical communities and into the online digital personas and communities we’ve created – well everything community became unreal.
Or did it? Is online belonging and the digital personas we project the real deal?
Fantasy, escape, and the thrill of our heroes slaying or saving the day is not new to pop culture – neither is adoring our favourite celebrities – But with the help of the Web – fandom has become interwoven with community – so much so that it’s change the very definition of it.
Context asks: where’s your community? Has your own definition and practice of community changed?

This week on Context: How fandamonium and the allure and obsession of fan and gaming culture is making its way into communities – even a virtual church.


Game Quitters

Virtual Reality Church


Rob Joustra, Redeemer University Professor
Lisa Bahar, Psychotherapist, Newport Beach, CA
Zachary Skaggs, VR Church, Cleveland, TN
Elaine Uskoski, video gaming addiction awareness advocate
Choo Tsen Yao, Crossroads prayer partner

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