Front line fears during the COVID-19 coronavirus

Front line fears during the COVID-19 coronavirus

As Canadians continue to battle through the unprecedented time of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we continue our coverage of people on the front lines who are helping us stay safe, and keeping our struggling world moving forward.

We speak with Rene Segura whose faith saw him through a death defying 20 day battle after contracting COVID-19.

Plus David Phillips and his wife Dr. Dana Phillips tells about a team of medical professionals who have developed a plastic cube-shaped shield called the “COVID Box” to cover patients during intubation.

We also speak with other frontline workers helping homeless people and seniors at the Welcome Inn Community Centre. We also hear from the London Abused Women’s Centre, and what’s being done to protect vulnerable women and children in the time of COVID.



David Phillips and Dr. Dana Phillips, entrepreneur and emergency physician at Sunnybrook Hospital

Carmen Louie, front end manager and cashier, Donalds Market

Ruth Kaulback, seniors program and volunteer coordinator, Welcome Inn Community Centre

James VanderBerg, director, Welcome Inn Community Centre

Megan Walker, executive director, London Abused Women’s Centre

Rene Segura, COVID-19 survivor



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