Gotta Have Faith

Gotta Have Faith

Statistics from the Anglican Church of Canada show that by 2040, their pews will be empty. 

The trend is across denominations.

Only 11% of Canadians attend weekly religious services. And COVID-19 lockdowns have accelerated the already declining church attendance.

Is it time to rethink the church?

Half of Canadians say they are agnostic, atheist, or non-religious, but a new trend is taking shape. Studies show Baby Boomers are seeking spirituality in retirement. Instead of material wealth, they want spiritual wealth. But they want a more active faith than their parents. 

This week on Context, do declining numbers in religious attendance mean people aren’t interested in God? Or are people yearning for relationships beyond the Sunday Service?

Maggie John speaks with Joel Thiessen, a sociologist of religion and Director of Flourishing Congregations Institute, about why going to church still matters.

Rev. Dr. Sheila Macgregor, pastor at Siloam United Church in London, Ontario, tells Maggie how Baby Boomers want to be the church and live out their faith.

And The Cue Panel – Julia Beazley, Director of Public Policy at the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Calvin Forbes, Pastor at The City Church, and Colin Toffelmire, Chair of the School of Ministry at Ambrose University – weigh in on what conversations the church needs to be having.

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