Holy Spirit prayer by Giovanna at Christmastime

Holy Spirit prayer by Giovanna at Christmastime

As Italy is in full lockdown – and has recorded the most deaths of any country in the world, our correspondent, writer, model, and filmmaker Giovanna is in Italy. This morning she shared this with me on WHATSAP – and I asked if I could publish it. She said, “sure.”

Such beauty in these words…

“The darkness inherent in man spreads and spews as vile weed should.

But Jesus came down anyway.

In this life, people you trust will let you down. Be light anyway.

People will watch you not in admiration, but in anticipation of your fall. Be light anyway.

Every disappointment is an invitation into the pit of despair. A place where to wallow, a place without care. Though you stand in the dark, choose to be the light, pick up your cross and move forward.

And when your light grows dim and is flickering, replenish your supply in Christ—the stream of endless joy, endless love, and endless peace.

Not only does His pure light wash away scales of cynical debris, it creates in you – eyes of perpetual hope; eyes that see in the dark, and eyes that see through the hardest of hearts.

Merry Christmas my dear friends. May this note be an invitation for you to experience this day for the miracle that it is —- seen, not by human sight, but through eyes of light.”  Giovanna Bonomo-Blescia, Italy December 24, 2020 

Shout out to Tony Blescia, Giovanna’s husband who is an international musician and producer based out of Italy.https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8082385/

Giovanna Bonomo-Blescia


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