How Canadians are responding to climate action (Episode 1823)

How Canadians are responding to climate action (Episode 1823)

It evokes anger, protests and passion like few other issues facing us. There’s a lot of noise to cut through – and where we even begin our action on climate change is complex and costly.

But one thing is clear: Mother Earth’s weather patterns make life dangerous and difficult for those on the margins and climate action is urgently needed.

This week on Context: what is our responsibility in climate action?


Canada in a Changing Climate

The Ocean Cleanup

Institute for Ecological Justice


World Vision

Iris Global

Doctors without Borders

Samaritan’s Purse


Dr. Elizabeth Bush, Climate Science Advisor, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Philip Clayton, Professor at Clarement School of Theology

Todd Lewis, Agricultural Producers Association President

Stewart Elgie, Smart Prosperity Institute Executive Chair

Shelley Stone, Ontario Christian Gleaners General Manager

Brenda Dyack, Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario Director of Research

Luke Wilson, A Rocha Canada CEO

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