How You Can Make A Difference To Canada’s Prison Inmates

How You Can Make A Difference To Canada’s Prison Inmates

Life behind bars has vastly restricted access to anything that can rebuild a broken life.  No internet access, phone calls allowed only to land lines, and limited exposure to inadequate prison libraries.

Only Corrections Canada approved information is allowed in to shape prisoner’s minds and hearts.  On this week’s episode of Context, we feature a Corrections Canada approved device that brings hope to prisoners in our prison chaplain interview.

The ARC (Audio Recordings for Christ) is a solar powered device with 180 hours of Christian listening.  The offender will be introduced to the gospel through 18 Bible studies as well as testimonies from ex-offenders, music and great speakers such as Rick Warren and Hilary and Charles Price as well as pod casts from Promise Keepers.  With most offenders coming into prison with no knowledge of Christ, the offender will be introduced to the one who gives them eternal hope.  Rosemary Redshaw leads the ARC program and was a featured guest our prison chaplain panel.

Lorna:  Why do our viewers need to donate to get the ARC into Canada’s prisons?

Rosemary:  There’s a huge demand for these Bible study devices.  We have over thousands on order with only a handful of the 140 institutions across Canada contacted.

Lorna:  So there is much more demand from prisoner’s for the ARC than you can afford to send?

Rosemary:   Yes –  but for $25.00 you can put an ARC into the hands of one of the 40,000 incarcerated in Canada today. Join New Life Prison Ministries as we introduce people to the true Life Saver.  You can make a donation through our web site or by mail to New Life Prison Ministries, 14107 Nine Mile Road, Arva, Ontario N0M 1C0.

Lorna:   Okay Context viewers – let’s give the gift of life changing Bible study through the ARC and     Thanks Rosemary, for giving 27 years of chaplaincy to prisons and sharing that the ARC will go places in prison you never could have.

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