Inside the Rohingya Crisis (Episode 1802)

Inside the Rohingya Crisis (Episode 1802)

Molly Thomas goes to the largest refugee camp in the world. Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is where over one million Rohingya Muslims have fled after facing unspeakable persecution in Myanmar.

Context partnered with World Vision on the ground. Their Raw Hope program is helping build a better life for the Rohingya who find themselves stateless with no place to go.

Former interim Liberal leader, Bob Rae has followed this crisis closely as Canada’s Envoy to Myanmar, he gives us an update on the situation, and how Canada is helping.

But what about holding the Myanmar military leaders to account? We speak with counsel for Bangladesh in the International Criminal Court Rohingya case, Payam Akhavan, on if justice is possible for the Rohingya refugees.

The Rohingya are not alone in the persecution. Myanmar military have a long history of attacking Kachin and Karen Christians, driving them from their homes to neighbouring countries like China and Thailand. We speak with one refugee who made her way to Canada, and how she leaned on God to get her through the tough times.

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