Insurrections in the Middle East

Insurrections in the Middle East

Revolutions, rebellions, and insurrections are happening across the globe. Countless scenes of brave men and women protesting by the millions – standing together in waves of solidarity – fill our media here in Canada.

Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, and Egypt – the protest movements of the Middle East are a clarion call to governments – and the rest of the world – that the people are fed up with corruption, unemployment and impossible taxes. Their concerns may be quashed by the ‘old order’ of the political hardline elite, but as history proves, the people will only rise up again.

This week on Context, voices from the Middle East crying out for change are being heard here in Canada.


Caroline Faraj, CNN VP, Arabic Services

Aya Majzoub, Human Rights Watch Lebanon researcher

Sama Waham, Iraqi filmmaker and Asst. Professor, University at Buffalo

Samreh Khalili, Iranian expat

Jeremy Courtney, Preemptive Love Coalition Founder

Moses Moini, Refugee Program Coordinator, Mennonite Central Committee

Nizar Shaheen, Founder and President, Light For All Nations Ministries


Preemptive Love Coalition

Light for All Nations Ministries

Mennonite Central Committee

Human Rights Watch

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