Is church essential?

Is church essential?

Gathering at churches, synagogue and temples is a sacred right, but these days, worshipping and gathering is inside,outside, zooming, face timing, skyping, even drive-in movie theatres.

During the last year, Christians along with people of other faiths enduring lockdowns, unable to father, leave some people feeling that it’s an infringement on their religious freedom.

While others say we’ve got to listen to health authorities.

We look at all sides of the debate.

And Maggie visits an inner-city ministry where God never sleeps, as they’ve been caring for the less fortunate since the beginning of the global pandemic.

Christine Yoo visits a street pastor helping people who are unable to get to the only lifelines they have to the outside world.

Is church essential?



Lisa Bildy, Lawyer, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

Pastor Jonathon Shierman, Moosomin Baptist Church

Pastor David Lynn, Christ Forgiveness Ministries

Bill Dyck, Pastor, Toronto Alliance Church


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