Full show: Is multuculturalism a myth?

Full show: Is multuculturalism a myth?

The myth of multiculturalism in a global world. Where do people from other countries fit into the mosaic of Canada that is continually expanding? Shachi Kurl, President of Angues Reid is here. United Nations resettlement officer, Micheal Cassasola and Kalyani Thurairajah, each explain the hope that in in multiculturalism when we earase racism. Indigenous leader, Susan Levi Peters weighs in. And media professional, Ola Adebayo talks with Maggie about making it as a newcomer in the tough world of Canadian media. We ask: Is multiculturalism a myth or are we on the right track to fixing things when it comes to the boundaries that immigrants face daily in our Canadian – made systems?



Shachi Kurl, President of Angus Reid Institute

Kalyani Thurairajah, Professor at MacEwan Univeristy

Michael Casasola, UNHCR Sr. Resettlement Officer

Susan Levi-Peters, Former Elsipogtog First Nation Chief.

Ola Adebayo, Media professional. Immigrant from Nigeria.

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