Lorna Dueck writes on Quebec’s banning of religious symbols – Bill 21


Lorna Dueck writes on Quebec’s banning of religious symbols – Bill 21

Allow me to put in my word on Quebec’s Bill 21 – from the perspective of a Christian broadcaster who has the privilege of representing the world’s largest, and most globally dispersed faith.

Christians are also the most persecuted faith in the world, but as Canadians, we are not prepared for the creep of persecution to happen here.

On the global index, Quebec will now rate as restricting religion. So in the banning of religious symbols in Quebec government jobs, and public places, Christianity has a responsibility to speak out for all religious freedom.

Religion is expression, it is freedom of thought and conscience, and the symbols we wear are an intrinsic part of that.

Watch the full discussions from our episode Power of Religious Symbols – including voices for and against the legislation, as well as Muslim and Catholic response to the ban.


Peter Stockland, Convivium publisher

Barbara Kay, National Post columnist

Sheema Khan, Globe and Mail contributor

Moira McQueen, Director, Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute

Robert Leckey, Dean, Faculty of Law, McGill University

Patty Bowman Kingsley, Artist


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