A chance for us to make a HUGE difference through the Love My Neighbour project: Vaccines go global

A chance for us to make a HUGE difference through the Love My Neighbour project: Vaccines go global

Pastor shaves his head, Rabbi swims 7km lake, Muslims host Chai for Change…

Where would we be without our beloved Jesus’ timeless words of wisdom to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves?

While there may not seem like a lot of mercy in the 24/7 news cycle – there are millions upon millions of people the world over helping each other get through this incredible – even – ‘existential crisis.’

God is still in control. Vaccines are needed in less fortunate countries. Vaccinating the adults will project the children and communities. We need to act now.

The director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins is a Christian scientist who says, “For me, as a believer who’s also a scientist, the vaccine seems like a gift from God. This is God’s grace that has given us the ability to understand how this works, and to be able to design an approach. And it feels like God is giving us a chance to be his healers.”

People, organizations, politicians, and governments in our global village are banding together for other people living in developing – and war torn countries to get the COVID-19 vaccination… and…

At just $25.00 bucks a pop!

Sara Hildebrand is the founder and executive director of Millennium Kids www.millenniumkids.ca – UNICEF’s Love My Neighbour project was inspired by Hildebrand’s organization, and she is now working with other organizations to get as many people involved in the campaign as possible.

Love My Neighbour (LMN), and UNICEF Canada, are collaborating with 30 different organizations and faith communities – to pull out all of the stops to get people in developing countries the COVID-19 vaccine.

Saleh: Photo: UNICEF Canada 

And it’s working.

Hildebrand says, We know the pandemic won’t be over for anyone until it’s over for everyone.”

Your $25 donation includes: a 2-dose vaccine, per-person cost for transport, cold chain protection, health worker training, and safe disposal of needles and waste. Global vaccination against COVID-19 is the biggest health project in our lifetime, and you can help!”

Jana, born in 2019. Photo: UNICEF Canada

To date, LMN has raised over $385,000.00…

But they’re just getting started.

Hildebrand says, “There was a wonderful LMN fundraiser at St. John’s Presbyterian church in Cornwall last week where Rev. Robert Adams buzz cut his hair after church for global vaccines and raised $4,205.00.

Everyone who donates $25 will be matched by the Government of Canada until September 6, 2021, up to a maximum of $10 million.

Photo: UNICEF Canada

Hildebrand says, “Islamic Relief Canada volunteers have been hosting Chai for Change and Rabbi Dara Lithwick in Ottawa is inviting others to join her as she swims the 7km Lac St-Pierre in Val-des-Monts, Quebec on August 21, 2021 to raise funds for additional vaccines for global neighbours.”

In closing, Hildebrand adds, “How can we not be moved to action from our gratitude when we consider that 71% of Canadians have received at least one vaccine dose compared to 1.36% of people living in low-income countries? Our commitment to act justly and to love our neighbours resists apathy. We of Love My Neighbour are full of hope that Canadians will eagerly donate a $25 vaccine to provide one neighbour with protection from COVID-19 and the fear and anxiety created by this pandemic.”

To gift one vaccine forward on behalf of each of your family members, visit:  www.lovemyneighbourproject.org

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