M.A.I.D. in Canada

M.A.I.D. in Canada

This week on Context – in a divided world where millions of people are struggling to live amid the worst pandemic in over 100 years – some people are choosing to hasten their own deaths through a medical professional. Physician assisted death, or M.A.I.D. ushers in a whole other set of complex issues.

Is medical assistance in dying someone’s right? Even if someone in a family, or a friend does not want it?

Faten Alfaraj meets a woman whose sister desperately wanted to live while her husband’s uncle decided to end his life.

Also on the program, one Nova Scotia wife is fighting her husband’s wish to die by M.A.I.D.



Hugh Scher and client Katherine

Rabbi Jordan Cohen, Temple Anshe Sholom

David Guretzki, executive vice president, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada]

Colleen James

Alex Schadenberg, executive director, The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Raheel Raza, journalist, activist

Amy Hasbrouck, executive director and founder – Not Dead Yet


Bill C-7 is moving very quickly through the House of Commons. To bring us up to date on what Canadians should know about the amendments set to be made to the Medical Assistance in Dying Legislation, Maggie John sat down with Julia Beazley of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

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