Full show: Most dangerous countries to be a Christian

Full show: Most dangerous countries to be a Christian

In a world that continues to reel from the global pandemic – that seems to have no end in sight – we look to other places around the world where even worse than getting Covid is simply being a Christian. Today on the program – we talk with Fadi Sharaiha about Christianity in the Middle East and North Africa – and the dire need to report this in the media. Kiaa Alipour speaks about Iran’s efforts to quash Chrisitanity, but the religion is still growing. Plus: a man who defected from North Korea tells his story of surviving jail. Greg Mussleman tells us how the Christian faith is flourishing despite persecution on all fronts. Gary Stagg from Open Doors Canada explains the astonishing numbers behind the 2021 World Watch List.



Gary Stagg, Executive Director, Open Doors Canada

Kiaa Aalipour, Article 18 Spokesperson

Fadi Sharaiha,

Greg Musselman, Minister at Large, Voice of the Martyrs

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