Canada’s opioid epidemic

Canada’s opioid epidemic

This week on Context – Canada’s other health crisis: the opioid epidemic amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Since COVID-19 began, opioid use in Canada is at record levels and is continuing to rise. Many vulnerable people in our communities have not been able to reach the harm reduction services they rely on every day.

Today on the program – addiction medicine specialist and investigative coroner Dr.Kumar Gupta discusses how physical distancing is compounding the situation. Filmmaker Matthew Embry talks about his documentary Painkillers: Inside the Opioid Epidemic.

Redeemer University social work student Stewart Cameron explains why Jesus is the ultimate social worker.



Dr. Kumar Gupta, addiction medicine specialist and investigative coroner

Matthew Embry, documentary filmmaker, Painkiller

Stewart Cameron, social work student

Maria Agioritis, Moms Stop The Harm

Loretta Hibbs,  founder and president, City Dream Centre



Government of Canada

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