Context: Politics And Pot (Ep. 1518)

Context: Politics And Pot (Ep. 1518)

The legalization of marijuana was part of the new PM’s throne speech. This new government fully intends to ‘legalize, regulate, and restrict’ pot. Find out what more about the challenges Prime Minister Trudeau will face and what the implications are for you.


If you go for a walk in my neighbourhood, you’ll find parents who put the kids to bed and sit out back and smoke a little reefer. When the kids are older, most parents I know are worried their kids are smoking. Youth I love have been tragically detoured by dope. I have friend on medical marijuana and in the past week, another offered me a joint recreationally. I get it, weed is smoked by 10% of Canadians, but it seems like it’s everywhere.

Since marijuana always alters the mind, it’s not a recreational option for my life as a follower of Jesus. God asks for sober minded, self controlled people. And God asks that we love each other, and that means harm reduction over a government’s plan to legalize marijuana is also part of faith work.

Should marijuana be legalized? Only with a government monopoly on supply, limited hours and locations for sale, age restrictions with good effort on risk education.

We give ourselves a lot of freedoms, we need to be aware of Godly wisdom that can go along with that freedom. We’ve left the Canadian Mental Health and Addiction study links on marijuana along with material from today’s guests up on our website. We’d love to hear your views on our look at legalizing marijuana – drop us a line at with your feedback.


Brian O’Dea
Former drug smuggler, Entrepeneur, Author

Eugene Oscappella
Barrister & Solicitor, Researcher

Andre Schutten
Lawyer, Association of Reformed Political Action

Chanelle Harrett

Jon DeActis
Director, Quintin Warner House, Mission Services London

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