Protecting our trafficked daughters (Episode 1812)

Protecting our trafficked daughters (Episode 1812)

The new docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly has resurfaced allegations against R&B singer R. Kelly that he sexually abused children.

The documentary has sparked a new investigation into the singer’s alleged sex abuse of girls.

Is justice being served for these young girls, who are now women? Context delves into how men, and sex traffickers prey on the vulnerability of girls for sex – luring them into the sex trafficking industry; and why, once they’re in, it’s difficult to get them out of “the game.”

Tonight on Context – how can we protect these vulnerable children?

We speak with the Indigenous community – where despite being just 4 per cent of Canada’s population, Indigenous women make up more than half of sex trafficking victims.

And first hand accounts of people helping women escape their sex traffickers and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Plus, education is the best form of prevention – how can parents and guardians get through to their young girls?

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