Realities of racism in a divided world

Realities of racism in a divided world

How will history record the years 2020 and 2021? We thought we had seen it all, but has anything really changed? The hate-filled killings of unarmed Black people in the U.S. sparked international outrage from every race under the sun. Here in Canada, Indigenous people faced inexplicable pain when police answered wellness checks by families who called for their loved ones in distress but were met with death. Still, if anything is under-reported in all this outrage, pain, and anxiety, it’s not the lack of goodness in people, it’s the institutional and systemic change that must happen. This week on Context, the realities of anti-Indigenous and anti-Black racism.



Bishop Harding Smith, Minnesota Acts Now

Debbie Baptiste, Colten Boushie’s Mother

Eleanore Sunchild, Lawyer for Debbie Baptiste

Karen Lawford, Professor, Queens University Gender Studies

Drew G.I. Hart, Author, Theologian, Theology Professor at Messiah University



Context: Search For Reconciliation (Ep. 1721)

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