Rev. Lim in “Good Health and Spirits,” Says Family

Rev. Lim in “Good Health and Spirits,” Says Family

An emotional, miraculous, and riveting day for Rev., Hyeon Soo Lim – freed after two-and-a-half years in a North Korea prison.

At a press conference at his home church in Mississauga, Ontario, family spokesperson Lisa Pak, and his son, James, said, “[Rev. Lim] is in good health… in good spirits.” 

Not surprisingly, Rev. Lim is very happy to be on Canadian soil once again.

James Lim told the packed press conference at Korean Light Presbyterian Church that the first thing Rev. Lim did when the family was reunited was hug his wife – then, bypassing his son, he went straight to hug his nearly one-year-old granddaughter who he hadn’t met until today.

“It is God that kept Pastor Lim company during his time in prison,” James Lim added. His father had 2700 meals alone during his prison term, and they say Rev. Lim spent that time with God, in solitude. James says his father’s faith “Is stronger than ever.”

Faith has been, “The pillar to this whole thing,” James said, adding that the family’s faith gave them all a sense of hope that enabled them to get through this whole ordeal.

When asked if Pastor Lim would go back and do it all over again in North Korea, Lisa Pak, a member of his staff says, “100 percent… he’s courageous to the point that it freaks out all of his staff because he’s a humanitarian that is driven by a Christian idea for mission… if he had to do it again, and the circumstances were that people were in need, he would go again. That’s just the man he is.”

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