Road to recovery from crystal meth addiction

Road to recovery from crystal meth addiction

It all started with a couple of drinks at a party. Clark Umengan was married and working as a nurse in Vancouver B.C. when he was out with some friends who offered him crystal meth.

While media and public officials are focused on the opioid crisis, the use of crystal meth is on the rise – up 700% in the last ten years in Vancouver, according to the Seargate Foundation.

For 10 years Clark was addicted to crystal meth. He lost his job, his wife, and connection with his family.

In and out of jail, Clark was facing a serious prison sentence when he was offered to serve his time in rehab.

Luke 15 House stood out on a list of rehab centres as Clark, who grew up Catholic, remembered the parable of the prodigal son in that chapter of the Gospel.

After 11 months in rehab, Clark is now rebuilding his life. He spoke with Context’s Lorna Dueck about his road to recovery:

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