Running from Religion (Episode 1814)

Running from Religion (Episode 1814)

Saudi teenager, Rahaf Mohammed fled from her country – and her religion – claiming she faced certain death if she didn’t adhere to Islam.
Her escape to Canada has sparked international attention – and debate over extremes in religion – and increasing polarization and politicization within faith groups.
We examine the controversial issues and views in our Synagogues, Churches, Temples, and Mosques. Are you fed up with religion?
Phil Robertson is the Asia Deputy Director for Human Rights Watch. He received an urgent call to help Rahaf after she landed in Thailand and had her passport seized by Saudi officials. He shares the tense moments that brought her to safety in Canada.

Is Rahaf’s experience religious or cultural? Military chaplain Barbara Helm Lois and columnist Sheema Khan respond to Rahaf’s story and share their own experiences with being Muslim women.

Extremes exist in all religions. South of the border the lines between religion and politics are melding. Jonathan Walton, author of 12 Lies that Hold America Captive, shares how identity issues have intertwined with faith.

And here in Canada, faith leaders respond to extremism within their own religions.

Plus, pastors discuss how to keep their congregations engaged as church attendance is on the decline.

This week on Context we explore how to respond when people run from religion.

PLUS don’t miss our extended web panel discussing extremism in different religions:


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