Russia at war with Ukraine: How is Canada responding?

Russia at war with Ukraine: How is Canada responding?

Russian President Vladimir Putin declares war on Ukraine.

While the West tries to hold Russia to account for invading a sovereign nation, what does this mean for the people of Ukraine, the unsanctioned church, and the freedom of religion in that country?

The European Evangelical Alliance says Eastern Ukraine is where the church suffers the most in all of Europe. 

The aftermath of war can be devastating. 

In Afghanistan, people face the grim reality of life under Taliban rule, as a humanitarian and economic crisis hits the country. 

Afghanistan is now the most dangerous place to be a Christian, surpassing North Korea, which has long held that position on the World Watch List

How are Christians impacted in the aftermath of Afghanistan’s war and as Russia invades Ukraine?

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In times of war, the innocent and most vulnerable always suffer the most. Crossroads Cares is working with partners who will be providing food, water, and temporary shelter for families being displaced in their homeland.

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Your prayers are desperately needed for the families affected, the scared orphans, and the invasion to stop. 

Ukraine – Crisis Response

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