Season in review (Episode 1810)

Season in review (Episode 1810)

Tonight on Context – a look back at the stories that resonated with us this season. From how Canada’s faith communities felt about the legalization of cannabis, to parents who buried their children from drug overdose and are now pushing for Canada to change other drug policies – namely around opioids – to save lives in the growing epidemic.

And Context’s Molly Thomas went to the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh to bring us the stories of Rohingya Muslim refugees. They are not alone in their persecution from Myanmar – Karen and Kachin Christians are also driven out of their homes. We spoke with Semula, a Karen Christian who came to Canada after spending 9 years in a refugee camp.

In October, a hate crime shook the Jewish community after a gunman opened fire in a synagogue outside Pittsburgh. Context heard the troubling statistics of the rise of anti-Semitism and how the Jewish people around the world were responding to this tragedy.

And in Toronto, hope – even in a church with an Atheist pastor. Context spoke with United Church moderator and a minister of a thriving church in the denomination on how God is at work in their churches.

Here are just some of our highlights from this season so far.


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