Some pastors say: Let’s not move too quickly to re-open amid COVID-19

Some pastors say: Let’s not move too quickly to re-open amid COVID-19

We heard you!  Some viewers posted on our Facebook that you wanted to hear the other point of view on churches opening.

Last week we featured Pastor Joe Boot and Pastor Aaron Rock who both said they, and their members want the doors open! 

This week Maggie speaks with Pastor Iris Bogle and Pastor Bruxy Cavey who share a different point of view.

As of June 12 – people in Ontario will be allowed to begin gathering in groups of 10. The introduction of Phase 2 will also mean opening places of worship to welcome congregants with a 30% capacity limit.

Watch Maggie John’s interview with two pastors who say, “Not too fast,” and share their thoughts and concerns about opening church doors during the pandemic, and what the new normal could look like for churches going forward.

“I personally am very apprehensive about opening the doors because someone has said that we should. I think that we need to move with wisdom because we don’t know the extent of this pandemic. The extent to which it’s still with us.” Pastor Iris Bogel – Hamilton COGOP

“I wonder if this is an opportunity for the church to rethink its identity as the people and not the place. As sister Iris was saying, we’re not a building. We’re not closed. We’re open for business so to speak and this really is just a reminder, a refresher of what we should have always known, is the church is the people. And now the word church means the gathered people. I understand that many pastors will say yes but we need to gather together to be the church, but in the meantime we’re balancing the wisdom of physically gather with finding other ways of gathering., gathering online as we’re even connecting right now.” Pastor Bruxy Cavey – The Meeting House 


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