Context: Spanked or Spoiled (Ep. 1524)

Context: Spanked or Spoiled (Ep. 1524)

Canada is set to revoke the spanking law, making it illegal for parents or teachers to use physical force, including spanking, on a child. We ask, is spanking okay? And what does the healthy discipline of a child look like?


There are some people watching our look into child discipline who will scold us and say the Bible supports corporal punishment for children. I was raised under that belief. Most baby boomers in our country were, if God hadn’t told you to spank your kids, Ann Landers certainly had. Here’s one of two Bible proverbs on spanking: “Don’t fail to correct your children. They won’t die if you spank them. Physical discipline may well save them from death.”
So – when a Canadian Prime Minister says the law that allows spanking children is going to be abolished, many in the faith world are on guard. To truly follow the meaning and spirit of the Bible, does not mean one follows every letter to its ancient law. In the ancient world, there was no cap on corporal punishment, and Proverbs were a gentle redemption to harsh times. So what is redemptive discipline for kids in 2016? Biblical love for our kids is pro-discipline, anti-violent, and it’s not easy. Parents need so much self control and self sacrifice to do the job right, I can’t imagine doing it without God’s way of wisdom fueling our spirits.


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