Stalled on the refugee highway

Stalled on the refugee highway

The U.N. declares Syria is on the brink of the worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st century. The refugee highway they turn to for hope is stalled – 70 million people are looking for a safe home.
This week on Context, why our refugee crisis is getting worse.

The cost desperate families pay for safety is high and sometimes tragic. The Canadian aunt of Alan Kurdi, the Syrian boy whose tiny body washed up on shore after she had paid smugglers to help him get to Canada, talks about the loss to her family.

And an aid worker on the ground in the Moria Refugee Camp, a place so overcrowded and destitute, the U.N. is calling for an immediate evacuation.


Michael Casaola, Senior Resettlement Officer, UNHCR Canada

Tima Kurdi, Alan Kurdi’s aunt

Joanne Beach, Director Alliance Justice and Compassion, CMA


Canada Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program


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Christie Refugee Welcome Centre

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