Syria: 12 Years later

Syria: 12 Years later

  Twelve years of war in Syria — with devastating consequences.

What began as the Arab spring- pro-democracy demonstrations erupting all over the Middle East in 2011 soon turned into war when the Syrian government had enough.  Crackdowns intensified; Syrians were killed, as protestors demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad.

Then, a civil war erupted, accompanied by the factions of fighting also carried out by Isis and Kurdish forces in the region.

The number of lives lost will never be known but estimates are that hundreds of thousands of Syrians have perished since 2011. The United Nations estimates almost 6 million Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries and abroad including here in Canada, while nearly 7 million are internally displaced.

The war continues to this day. The situation has been called one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history. The Government of Canada resettled 25,000 Syrian refugees between November 2015 and February 29, 2016. 

Today on Context, Syria,12 years later, why is there still unrest, and what has happened to the millions who fled?

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